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My first vine-ripened red one - but all the rest are green?

Hey folks! So I picked my first red tomato off the vine the other day:

[url=]First of many :)[/url] by [url=]ScottMBolt[/url], on Flickr

[url=]Untitled[/url] by [url=]ScottMBolt[/url], on Flickr

... funny thing is, I have dozens of tomatoes all over my plants, but none are red? This was the only red one.

My question is, should I pick a few of my bigger tomatoes off and let them ripen in the kitchen, or should I let them sit on the vine? Some are monstrous! But I also want the plants to keep producing - will picking them cause the plant put production into new fruits?

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Once they start to blush, they can be picked and ripened inside. The one you picked, I think, could probably use a few more days to really ripen. I think the skin gets a satiny sheen and the surface gives a little when truly ripe.

Don't worry -- the green ones will change color in their own time. Enjoy this one when you are ready to eat it! :D

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I agree with applestar... they will all turn on their own.. I have 9 different tomato plants.. and only 1 grape tomato has turned red so far.

patience is a virtue...

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I would leave them be now myself. Give them time.

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