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Tomato with picture.

Here is a tomato plant that started curling and is pretty much done. I is a 4th of July and is the only one in my garden that looks like this. Is it physilogical or disease. The other varieties are Sweet million cherry, Bloody Butcher, Arkansas traveler, Mortgage lifter.

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I'm thinking disease, not physiological leaf roll. The physiological roll is an adaptive mechanism that healthy plants do in times of heat and drought to reduce water loss from the leaves. In healthy plants, physiological leaf roll does not interfere with production.

If your plant isn't producing any more, something else is going on.

There's a sticky at the top of this section with a link to this site

which helps diagnose tomato diseases.
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Looks like curly top which is a viral disease vectored by a beetle, I think a bean beetle. Not much you can do except rouge it out. Prevention is even watering, mulching, which you seem to have, around plants to keep the soil as cool as possible. In other words, do everything possible to reduce stress. A weakened plant is more susceptible to viral disease. Some varieties may also be more at risk.

Good luck with the rest of the garden.

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I agree, it looks Viral, just make sure in the future you make good preventative planning. Viral infections are not like bacterial and fungal. Almost just like us humans. Do you have any cankers or entry point photos?

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Could be curly top I lost about 16 plants this year to it. I let 5 others go and the are doing okay but not phenomenal. I will save some seed from then and be on my way.

I might have been able to save more but I was worried about the transfer but apparently it is not communicable from plant to plant. The earliest five were 100% toast as well a few more, like I said I MAY have been able to save a few but why waste the space.

Good luck I hope it is not curly top. Another affliction could be herbicide damage, they are similar.

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