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Need help with early girl vff with wilt

I have 10 tomato plants and two of them are early girls with vff. I started them from seed several months ago. They are both bearing fruit but one of them has wilted a lot. It rebounds a bit overnight but none of the other nine plants including the other early girl are having much if any wilt. They all get the same water more or less. Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong? More water? Less water? Could it have a bacterial wilt even being vff?
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I just saw that your post got missed. What has happened since?

Yes, it's sort of like the difference between water resistant and water proof. The plants are disease resistant, less vulnerable, but they are not disease proof.

But I can't tell you that's what you have. I'm always amazed growing stuff from seed, start with identical seeds, that are essentially clones of each other, grow them in seemingly identical conditions, and get non-identical results. Some sprout faster, some grow faster, they don't even always look identical. Frequently if there is a "runt of the litter," things get worse and worse for it... its bigger sibs crowd it out, so then they are getting more light and it is getting shads, etc.

Sometimes there are accidents along the way, one gets more roots broken in the transplanting process, or whatever.

So I don't know if your wilty plant has some differences from the others in the plants or in the micro-level of conditions the plant is in.
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