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Who will be first?

Well I thought it would be Kecskemeti Jubileum But Sweet beverly came out of nowhere and is coming up fast. KJ truned color about a week ago.

There are several others that are at the breakers stage. They are turning white getting ready to take on color. I will be busy soon.

Kecskemeti Jubileum

Sweet Beverly

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I have three sunflowers blooming that are 5 feet tall!
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I have several tomatoes that are looking like the blushed one in the top picture. They should make it to be June ripe tomatoes.

I have one sunflower that is about 7' tall. That is not a good thing. It is planted in an area that is too shady for it (my garden is mostly too shady!) so it keeps growing and growing trying to find sun, just one tall stalk. I have another one of the same variety that is in a sunnier area and is about half the height, well branched with a bunch of flowers on it...
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