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I have to get this right

Hi All,
My garden is almost all in, and everything is doing GREAT. Yesterday I received my San Marzano, and Amish Paste tomato plants from Steambank Gardens in Deleware. The plants came in good shape with the root-ball wrapped in plastic. The instructions say to acclimate the plants before I put them in the ground. I've never had to do this before as the plants from the local nursery are already acclimated, The instructions state to put the plants in a brite area, not in direct sun, so this morning I put them on my covered front porch which faces west, in the morning the sun is very strong on the east side of my home. Im thinking that maybe I should wait until evening to move the plants to the east side of my home, and do this everyday, west side in the AM, and east side in the PM. The instructions also say to make sure the root-ball is moist, not wet. It rained here yesterday all day, a good soaking rain so I can't plant these plants until Sunday at the earliest, I know there are a lot of variables, but how long does it normally take to acclimate tomato plants before planting them in the ground, and any tips on other things I can do to help these plants before I plant them in the ground will be greatly appreciated.
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This time of year a couple of days, maybe three or four would probably be OK. A month ago a week would be best. Sun and wind acclimation on tender plants doesn't take very long. If your garden is in direct sun during the hottest part of the day you may have to water them a little every day until they show some new growth. some old leaves may get sunburned a little, but healthy plants will snap out of it. Good luck.
Paul F

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