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I recently purchased a set of three grafted tomato plants from and am shocked at how much they have grown in only 3 weeks!! I have been gardening for about 5 years now and have never seen anything like this! I am so impressed! I have heard amazing things about the benefits of grafting vegetables- growing faster and bigger, disease and pest resistant, all natural and yields much more fruit per plant but has anyone else seen these kinds of results with grafted plants? Should I expect such results?

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And you paid $60 according to that site... Hoping you didn't jump to this forum for the sake of the advertizement... And if you didn't - welcome to the forum.

Yes, you should expect higher yields from the grafted plants, and yes, you should expect higher disease tolerance/resistance, that is the purpose of the grafted heirloom quality plants to the strong, vigorous root stock, be it Maxifort, Emperador, Colosus (just to name a few that available to home growers as seeds). These F1 hybrids were purposely developed for the reasons I've mentioned above.

But paying $20 per plant is... If anything, Territorial Seeds have far better pricing and indeed the selection of grafted varieties, at $6.75 per plant [url=][/url]

Usually, if someone has very limited space, or fusarium and or verticulum wilt issues in their soil, this would be a good option to get a good crop. Last year I grafted Kosovo to Emperador root stock, and intentionally planted it to a place where I know fusarium lives in my property. Not a single sign of it ever showed up on the plant, and I kept vine to only 4 main branches. Very high vigor, great tomatoes, exceptional resistance , thanks to that root stock. I'm sure it's going to be no different this year...

Good luck with your grated plants!


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Wow, $20 per tomato plant? Holy moly that sounds expensive! :shock:

What do others feel about a $20 tomato plant?

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haha definitely not trying to advertise anything I have just found a love of gardening over the past few years and was intrigued because I have never heard of "grafted" plants before...obviously Im new to the game :wink: I actually paid $19.95 for THREE plants (3 come per pack) not one so I didnt see it as that bad of a deal. If I really do get more yield from the plants as I am hoping for it will be worth it.

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