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ran out of tomato cages

I just finished up planting my garden, I now have 30 tomatoes in, I found out on my last 4 transplant that I did not have enough cages, so I doubled up on them. I was so tired, I'm going to experiment with it. 1 set is an Amish paste tomato and is in the garden. The others are 2 Big Zaks and I placed them in a very large pot on my deck. Both are using the last 2 cages I had..

Has anyone ever done this? Any draw backs..

Thanks, I'm so happy the gardens in, Long day, gonna kick back have a Bud Light watch the race and enjoy..

Wish I knew how to post pictures on this site.For the first time it looks like I knew what I was doing when I planted it.. Looks too pretty..

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When I began growing more than just a few tomatoes, I was living in the country and had access to livestock fencing. So, I used that for cages. I would use 2 wood stakes to hold each cage.

When my garden was where others could see it, DW wanted to buy something that looked better and got the store-bought cages. They stack for the off-season. I had to use 3 stakes to hold them.

Not having enuf of the cages, I used 3 wood stakes and baling twine to make a cage that could be dismantled during the off-season. The number of tomato plants in the garden continued to go up and the number of stakes needed to go up, too! With 60+ plants, I needed about 200 stakes!!

After several years of just allowing most of the plants to sprawl while tying some to individual stakes, I've decided to just do that: Tie each plant to 1 stake. It helps to have, at least, 2 pieces of twine tied on the stake before driving it in the ground. But, this is just what I do and containing the plants (or not) should come down to whatever works for the gardener in his or her garden.

Open an account at an online photo gallery, btrowe1. Photobucket is easy to use. Copy the "IMG code" and paste it here with your post. You can "Preview" it on the forum before submitting to see how it looks. Somehow, I don't think you'll be embarrassed by your garden photographs.


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Both of those can be very large and productive so watch out. They may try to take each other over. Though they probably won't do as well being so tight.

Good luck

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