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Grump! Stop See-saw-ing Weather!

I really want to plant the rest of my garden, including tomatoes! It keeps going from super warm to cold. One minute its in the 80s and even 90s then down to 30s! I'm amazed my things I DO have in the ground haven't died yet or my horses haven't gotten sick. I have tomato seedlings that I started about a month ago. I took them from the little starter thingees into peat pots but they probably REALLY want to get into the ground. I hope they aren't stunted or anything from waiting for so long. My melons that I started definitely aren't going to make it, but I have seeds that I can just put into the ground. Hopefully soon the weather will stabilize. I would like to get the melons and tomatoes in.....but I really can't wait to start my favorite - CORN!

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Looks like my last frost to first time at 90+ will be 9.5 days. I also hit 85+ between my second to last and last frost which were only about a week apart. Tough season.

My tomatoes have been outside through it all and are about 30 inches tall with 10+ growing tips and several stems thicker than my thumb. Never seen such hardened beasts of tomato plants.

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Pot you plants up with a good soil mix they will jump out at you. Good luck with the weather. Whne they go in the ground it will be on as well. Just don't keep them in tiny pots or whatever, now they need room to stretch out their feet.

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