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So according to that article the calcium molecule in milk is a covalently bonded molecule (the electorns are shared between phosphate (PO4) and Calcium (Ca) as apposed to being stripped from one atom in an ionically bonded molecule. Anyway, the point being is that Calcium Phosphate is a covalent compound and therefore would not work as a spray for fruit. However, Newts idea about spraying milk around the feeders for the roots, theoretically would work.

I think I'll give it a try. Cheaper than buying a bag of bone meal.

(What I do for my whole garden is collect the eggshells from the Cafeteria at my old University and crush them up (bucket of them) and add them to the soil. I also collect the eggshells from my mothers place and from my room mates. Works well.)

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Glad we got that straightened out!! :shock: I knew you would know the final answer. :)

Eggshells in the compost or the garden are great too.


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Wow, checked back and more inforation. You folks just love to help. Thanks a bunch.

The spray I was speaking of is "Green Light Tomato Bloom Spray II", it is described as a ready-to-use natural plant hormone product that provides Biological Grow Power to promote blossom set and fruit development.
The active ingredient is listed as Cytokinin It is used to spray on blossoms to encourage fruit set rather than hand pollination I guess.

As to my tomatoes, I read somewhere to flush the plant with water and let it drain, then wait 30 minutes and repeat the process. I did this Monday, the 12th and although I I still have some yellowing of lower leaves going on, it seems to have slowed.

I am planing to use the fish emulsion when the plants need more water, and prehaps the bit of milk in the mixture.

As promised I will keep you informed. And I took some pics so after my grandson goes home tonight, I sill upload the pics and post them here of my plants. Maybe the pictures along with this threads information will prove of value to someone else out there crazy enough to grow tomatoes in their home during the cold winter months.

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