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I have germinated thousands of seeds without fermentation, they are called volunteers. :wink: :lol:

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I think your comment about the aerobic soil versus the anaerobic conditions required for fermentation is probably the answer I was trying to determine. I believe the soil temps in my bed were in the range required for germination. I also believe my mistake was in crushing the tomato thinking the gel would adhere sufficiently to allow fermentation to occur resulting in seed germination. I probably should have planted the tomato without breaking the skin leaving the gel and seeds encapsulated. It's interesting too me to discover how the natural processes occur and then how we attempt to mimic those processes for our purposes.



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I've left two garden forums because of backbiting and etc.
There's none of that here that I know of and I hope there won't be.
Great forum ! :D

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tomato seed sprouting...

Try the trick in ziploc bag, you won't be disappointed.
Wet paper towel, put seeds on top of it. Spread out so it's easier to remove them once sprouted.
Wait 3 or 4 days, you almost always see white part coming out of seeds, then 1 or 2 days after you see the seedling. Wait til it is an inch or 2, them move it to dirt. Be careful not to damage root if it sticks to paper towel, wiggle it a bit if it does and typically comes right off. If not just take the paper towel piece with it.
I have done this will at least 10 types of tomato seeds, and my success rate and timing are very good in shortest time.
When I tried to get them to come up in dirt I had some take weeks, some never show up. This method takes care of both those problems, and seeing it progress to me is the coolest part.

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