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New to Tomatos Growing

I plant the tomatoes few months ago it grows well but I didn’t produce any tomatoes. Few weeks back I saw just a flower but I think I messed up while I’m putting the tomato cage.

So please advice what I need to do get nice, beautiful and quality tomatoes with good amount.

Something with the bell papers. It produces some bell papers but they hardly get bigger. In all this seasons I just get couple of those, which are hardly half of the size of Wal-Mart’s papers. All the other is very tiny and started rotten from below end. Pls suggest.

Also advise that can I grow the tomatoes and pepper in winter also.


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It depends on the variety of tomatoes you planted. The longer duration tomatoes like beef stake take longer to set then the short day like say early girl. Indeterminates will set over a very long time, while determinates will set over a 10-12 day period, more or less. If you just put them out 6-8 weeks ago, don't worry yet, they will probably still flower and set. As for yields, did you fertilze them with something with a high center number n-p-k, that helps in flowering, don't add too much nitrogen it will just grow large plants at the expense of fruit production. Unfortunately, weather and how you water will determine yield to a great extent as well. Keep the plants evenly moist, don't let them dry out too much between watering, but don't drown them either. Keep the suckers off the plants and when the lower leaves start turning yellow remove all the leaves that touch the ground or will be wet when you water carefully to help reduce disease. Hopefully, you planted them deeper than they were in the pots, if not then do so in the future. Tomatoes can grow extra roots along the main stem where it is "hairy".

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I have at least 100 baseball sized better bush on the vines that are green and still producing flowers.

This is crazy.
Zone 4a.

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