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Growing Tomatoes in Phoenix

Hi all!

I live in Phoenix AZ and it's freaking hot down here. I've planted about 6 tomato plants and all the tomatoes that have grown eventually splits open. I've put a sun shade over the plants to reduce the amount of sun, the plants get plently of regular water, so I have no idea what the problem is. I know it's not bugs because I meticulously inspect for insects. Any ideas on what it could be? Does anyone have a similar situation?

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It's difficult to grow tomatoes in Phoenix in August. You would do better to start with new, young plants now or any time in the next month or so and grow them through the fall and winter. They will do much better for you. Tomatoes like warm, they don't really like HOT and they have difficulty ripening up when it's much over 90 deg.

But the splitting sounds like over-watering and/or inconsistent watering. If the tomato plant gets dry, the skin on the tomatoes hardens up. If it gets a bunch of water then, the tomato swells up faster than the skin can stretch, so it splits.
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