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I enjoy the smell of tomatoes and tomato plants... But, I do not like the smell of over-ripe tomatoes.
Once they are past their prime, I think they have a "sickly sweet" smell ... pew!!!

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I could do without the smell and mess. I put handling tomato plants in the same catagory as cleaning fish, a necessry evil. At least the green goo washes off fairly easily.

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I love the strong fragrance of tomato plants. It takes me back to summers at Grandma's. What a grandmother ! How wealthy I was ! And now, rich in memories....

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I love everything about tomatoes, including the smell! I thought this was really cool, last weekend I went to a wine tasting at a local vineyard, and one of their reds had a beautiful tomatoey note. It was like the smell of tomato and tomato plants had been transformed into a flavor in the wine. Not overpowering like you were drinking tomato juice or something, just SO GOOD! It was one of their more expensive ones, but once payday comes around, I'm gonna be back. :lol:

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