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Tales from a garden in Westchester County

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:36 pm
by davefromwestchester
Hi all,

Experiencing a terrific summer so far. No major disaster except for a bit of leaf fungus on some cuke plants which we've stabilized.

Yesterday, my wife went out into the garden, fenced in, about 50' by 20', and she heard a rustling near the squash plants and lo and behold, a deer had some how stormed thru the fencing and was rummaging. He (or she) bolted through the deer netting and leaped the wire fence, leaving the wife a tad freaked out. It's been hot here and pretty dry so I think the critters are getting aggressive. I'm breaking out my bow and arrow and planning on venison for the bar-b-que some time soon.

Also, I learned the lesson, "Read the labels of green pepper plants" before you buy and plant them. I plucked off what I thought was your standard sweet green pepper and took a huge bite only to discover it was some kind of hot pepper. Now I have to dig up some recipes for hot peppers!

My only question today is about carrots. How much to water them. I've got a bed of about 150 carrots, all growing well, the stalks are over 9", real green, but I've harvested a few and the carrot is around 2-4 inches max and kind of runty looking. A couple tasted real good. My question is how often to water and should I wait until like late Sept to harvest? Will they grow that much more by then? This is my first time with carrots.


DR from Hastings on Hudson

Posted: Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:37 pm
by davefromwestchester
Sorry, this was meant to go on the main vegetable board. Sorry!