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Anyone ever seens SNOW WHITE tomatoes?

I had 1 volunteer tomato plant come up in the bushes in the front yard about 100 ft from my garden last summer. I figure a bird landed in the bushes and made a deposit that grew the tomato plant. I watered it and let it grow. The plant grew some nice green tomatoes then the tomatoes turned snow white. Weird.......I have never seen SNOW WHITE tomatoes they look like something that might be poison. Has anyone ever seen white tomatoes?

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Please take pictures and save seeds. Usually there is some color development during ripening of "White" tomatoes.

There is a thread at another forum from a couple of years ago called "Mystery Tomato" Albino Romas?" which shows a show white unripe Creme Sausage as well as a tomato whith the "ghost" gene that is snow white before turning red.

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we grew a variety called snow white. imo it was pretty tasteless...

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What shape is it, cream sausage is white and delicious. There are at least 7 varieties of white heirloom tomatoes. Some are bland and others are good. Most tend to be low acid varieties, like yellows. If you are sure it is a tomato you can try it and see what you think. You might like it or not.

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