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Banana Peels & Egg Shells

I've been told that tomato plants love banana peels. I put one in the hole with every plant when I move them outdoors. The roots wind around it and suck up the potassium.

Also, scattering crushed egg shells on the ground around your plants will give them a dose of calcium.

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I just read in the Rose Forum that you tried this (banana peel) for the first time this spring. When did you plant/how long has it been, and how is it working for you?

I put banana peels and eggshells in my compost piles and prep the tomat planting hole/bed with the compost as well as using it for side dressing and making AACT.

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I also use powderd milk with my tomatoes (about every 3 wks) and empson salts work too, along with eggshells and banana peels. :lol:
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Hilling tomatoes like potatoes also works because it creats more surface roots!
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