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tomato leaves turning brown

One of my topsy turvy plants the leaves are turning brown from the outside of leaves going towards the middle. Its not the older leaves but almost all at once. Is it because of temp changes. We went from 60s to 90 for 3-4 days now down to 70s or 80s. any thoughts would help
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Might be salt damage from to much fertuilizer and high water loss. If you are in SoCal the water coming in through the aqueduct, and from some of the coastal wells, is high in sodium etc so you might get the salt burn just from the tap water. Topsey Turvey plants will have higher water loss than ground plants because of the air flow.

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It sounds like you sprayed the plants with liquid fertilizer. I did this before, and the leaves will turn brown around the outside.

I would suggest you just water for a couple of weeks. They should come back without any issues.

For the future, I would fertilize the ground around the plants, but be careful not to put it directly on the leaves. They can be burnt with these chemical fertilizers.

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monroebalfour wrote:Tomato Planting -Tomatoes prefer well-drained, highly organic soil as well as a soil PH between 6 and 7.
Tomatoes during the Season - the tomato growing process,every day proper care must be given to the plants in order to accomplish a successful yield.
If tomatoes needed care every day, I would never see one! My tomatoes do just fine with being checked on the weekends when I have more time. Sometimes not even every week... Last year when it was very hot and dry, I did have to water more than once a week. This year with lots of rain, I'm not paying much attention to them...
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