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My new experiment!

Like everyone, we have been hit with non stop rain and thunderstorms. I haven't been too worried because my plant are growing great. I started getting nervous when I saw the plants at the big box stores and even some at the local nurseries that look like they may have blight. I have also been following the threads on this forum.

Today I noticed that some of my tomato plants have leaves with dark edges and some spots. :shock:

I will start spraying my plants with effective microorganisms followed by a EM soil soak when things dryup. I hope that the good ones will help get rid of the bad ones before my plants die.

I am also considering a rotation of compost tea and milk solution.

The plants that have affected leaves are all planted in beds that were made this year and filled with new soil. None of the plants in my old beds are affected. :?

All of my plants were raised from seed by me, but this year I didn't give any to my neighbors and I think they bought from the big box stores. :x

What do you think would be a good spray time rotation. every three days, two days, once a week?

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