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hydroponic fertilizer

I am growing in containers using a soil less mix. When using hydroponic nutrients do you feed with grow cycle until flowers appear or start with bloom cycle? Can fertilizer be applied every watering?thanks

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For fruiting vegetables in "soil" you would want to mix the two formulas to get a more or less balanced formula (nitrogen = to or slightly less than potassium). Because the mix holds on to nutrients you do not want to fertilize at every watering. Let the plant pull what it can from the original mix (quite a bit of growth in a large container) and then fertilizing every 2-3 weeks should be in the ballpark.

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it depends. some 'veg' ferts are well balanced (the right amount of N, with less P, and some K)

and the bloom really ramps up the P, while maintaining enough N and K.

but you don't want to dose ferts unless you need to add more. a TDS meter is helpful for that...or just dump the nutrient solution and start fresh every 10-14 days.

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