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Hi All Could please provide some info on these heirlooms

Hi everybody,
I have't been around for awhile as I have been spending most of my "free" time out in the garden like most of you. Last weekend I was able to purchase at my local nursey some heriloom tomatos that I wanted to try out this summer.
Would like your input on the following types and if you grew them were you successful. So here goes-

Mr. Stripy

Green Zebra

Cherokee Purple

Snow White

Any input on these plants will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!! :)

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I have not grown Mr Stripy, but from what I hear it is an average tasting bicolor beefsteak. Bicolors tend to be watery and sometimes have a fruity flavor. The watery character makes them hard to cook down for sauce, and the flavor makes for some funky tasting chili, but OK for pasta sauce(IMO). I tend to use them for fresh eating only.

Green Zebra is a bit disease prone. The flavor changes as ripeness progresses. The flavor/s is different from most tomatoes so I won't comment on good or bad, since it is a personal preference.

Cherokee Purple is a very good tomato, better tasting in some gardens than others. It tends to set most of its fruit early in the season, with big first clusters here. The plant gets about 2/3-3/4 as big as large indeterminants. The seedlings tend to look runty for me but catch up once in the ground.

Snow White...I think this is the same as White Cherry, which I grew and liked better than other white cherries I have grown.

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Thanks TZ for the input............ :D

It will be interesting to see how the tomatos will develop etc. this summer.

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Look up pictures of Green Zebra green with yellow stripes sweet and tart, medium size
Cherokee is the black tomato medium size
Snow white is a sweet white cherry.

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