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Tomato Hygeine


After some advice.

I`ve grown outdoor tomatoes for the last two years in the same spot (very sunny/ hot) and I don't really have anywhere else. I want to do the same next year, but Im concerned that I might be starting to collect "pests" in that area.
I`ve collected up all the old leaves/fruit etc and disposed of them.

Now Im wondering if I should blitz the area with some disinfectant.

If so what should I use?

The area is against a wall on the side of a patio, though the actual area in question is stone chip, but its pretty free of other plants for a few meters.

I live in the middle of England

Cheers for your help.

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I wouldn't use disinfectant. Instead lay down some mulched up leaves and manure. This will attract beneficials to the area that will eat up pathogens or pests in the area. You can also build a compost area in your yard and make aerated compost tea once you have your tomatoe plants planted and spray the plants and soil each week with the tea.

This will help to keep any pathogens down.

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Why are you starting to get concerned? Was your 2nd year any less healthy or productive than your first? Believe it or not folks don't rotate crops and have no issues.

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Hi Gasdoctor,

Great advice from Opabinia. Also consider planting some compound flowers to attract beneficial insects. Those would be flowers like a daisy. They have a flat landing pad and small compound flowers. Coreopsis, zinnia, signet marnigold, etc.


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