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Mater Magic results

Anyone use this?

When did you add (number of weeks) and how did you like the results?

I have a great compost mix in my raised beds, but I think it gets depleted late in the season for tomatoes. All other veggies seem to do fine.

Thanks in advance!

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Are you talking about that Dynamate (cherry bomb looking thing)?

If so, I've used it one season, it was on sale at Home Depot. Used it as directed, sprinkle/shake into the planting hole, added handful of lime along with it. Worked actually very well. Had 4 plants in that area of the garden (in ground, but well amended soil). 3 cherries and one Campari. Used only that Magic in that small plot. Crop was excellent.

The only issue I have with it, for amount of fertilizer you get, it is way too expensive.

There are so many fertilizers out there, and each and every one of us have their favorites indeed. I think that Tomato Tone is a far better value for the money when it comes to organic fertilizer, just my $0.02 :wink:

BTW, used it Tomato Tone in the past 2 years in the same location, and see no obvious difference, except the $


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