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Hilling tomatoes like you do potatoes!

Sometimes you see big roots coming out of the tomato where it is at ground level. These roots seem to develop anywhere the stem touches the ground. Should you add another bit of ground to cover another 4 inches of ther stem once the tomato is 2 foot high!?

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Are your plants already in the garden? Just asking, but you can put more soil around tomatoes. Unsually I up pot my seedlings about two to three times before I can put them outside and each time I bury more of the stem. Then when I put them out I bury about half of the plant so that I can get a good root system.

Go for it :D burying more of the stem will give you a stronger plant.

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Tomato plants have the ability to grow roots any place the stem touches the soil. When you plant your tomatoes strip off the bottom 2 sets of leaves and plant the whole stem deep so only the top leaves sticks out of the soil. With in 2 weeks the whole stem will have grown roots and your tomatoes plants will take off growing at high speed as if you had given the plant some super power fertilizer. All those extra roots also helps the plant during hot dry weather.

Sprinkle some corn meal around the plant stem to stop cut worms.

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