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Give me a date so I don't have to LOL

Warrenton 1 N, MO (Warren county):
Temperature 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90%
Spring 32° Apr 24 Apr 19 Apr 16 Apr 13 Apr 11 Apr 8 Apr 5 Apr 2 Mar 29
Spring 28° Apr 14 Apr 9 Apr 6 Apr 4 Apr 1 Mar 30 Mar 27 Mar 24 Mar 20
Spring 24° Apr 9 Apr 4 Mar 31 Mar 28 Mar 25 Mar 21 Mar 18 Mar 14 Mar 9
Fall 32° Sep 29 Oct 5 Oct 9 Oct 12 Oct 15 Oct 18 Oct 21 Oct 25 Oct 31
Fall 28° Oct 12 Oct 18 Oct 23 Oct 27 Oct 30 Nov 2 Nov 6 Nov 11 Nov 17
Fall 24° Oct 26 Oct 31 Nov 5 Nov 8 Nov 12 Nov 16 Nov 19 Nov 24 Dec 1

Above are the frost dates for my area. So what day would you start tomato seeds on. I have ideas just want to see when YOU would. I don't want them too early this year I believe I got ahead of schedule last year.

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I would count back eight or ten weeks from April 24th.

Our frost date here is April 14 / 15. I'm about ten weeks out, but will be waiting until mid February.


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Yeah, now he's turning into the spring mode!!!

How does Feb 15th sound to you Gix? :roll: Close enough to Eric's suggested timeframe and still ahead of the normally recognized suggested date for your area :wink: :flower:


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It depends...

When would you like to pick your first ripe tomatoe and how much work are you willing to do to get it?

Everything else will fall into place! My early season babies are bathing in the light as we speak.

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I actually had it down for Feb 12 last year though I think I went ahead of that. As well as some after that. I think I planted 4 waves of toms.

Erlyberd I had a few plants going last year at this time I bleive I planted my first tom in Dec a little early but I was testing the seeds I had just recieved.

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I use to live about 1 hour drive from St Louis. Are you going to let seeds germinate naturally or are you going to incubate them so they germinate over night? Are you going to grow them under artifical light in the house in a unnatural inverment or do you have a green house or hot beds? If your growning seeds inside under unnatural conditions you need 2 months other wise 1 month.

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I start mine indoors on heat mat, 8 weeks ahead of the 50% last frost date. For you that would be 2/11.

Bear in mind that those averages are based on historical data going back over the past 100 years. In these global warming times, everything is changing. So when it says you have 50% chance (historically) of no frost after 4/11, your actual chance of no frost currently is considerably higher than that. That is still not a guarantee of course, but the odds are improved.

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If I am reading your chart right:

50% chance of 32° is Apr 11.

10 weeks = Jan 31
8 weeks = Feb 14

I sow almost everything twice, 10 days to 14 days apart. My last frost is about 3 weeks later than yours (& then, please warm up :? ). Feb 25 will be the 1st time sowing for me and if it is below zero that week :roll: , I might wait a few more days - certainly for the tomatoes.

One flat of onions will be planted before that and maybe a few bok choy seeds. The bok choy could be transplanted out in the plastic hoop house in mid-March.

The seed will all be started on top the fridge in the kitchen.

Steve :)

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