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My poor Tom plants, 34' and 25mph gusts last night......

My poor Tom plants, 34' and 25mph gusts last night :cry: :(
You should have seen me at 5.30pm, almost dark, fighting 25mph gusts, trying to put a plastic covering over my garden bed area that measures 5ft x 9 ft. When I came in my wife said I looked like a broken man! lol
I cant believe the battle I'm having with this season. My toms were doing OK, 5 6ft high, some green fruit, fungus was being curbed by liq copper and I was watering with compost tea once a week, reg water daily. This morning my babies were in state of shock!! Supposed to be a scold tonight. :shock:
Hey there Mister,
Can you tell me what happened to the seeds iv'e sown,
can you give me a reason sir, as to why they've never grown,

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