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TZ -OH6 wrote:I was refering to Sani's plant with the pile of leaves sitting next to it.
Oops! leaving the suckers gave me new plants with trusses everywhere so I'm actually happy with it, Its so big now.

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I'm glad you could scare it into behaving. Be careful about letting it outgrow the pot. Each of those suckers uses nutrients and water which could end up stunting fruit if the plant to pot ratio gets too high.

The spiders are what make the sauce taste good. This can be traced to the name Tarantula, which comes from the tarantella, an Italian folk dance to honor the tomato harvest. C.G. and other costoluto tomatoes were bred with the "flavor ridges" to attract the spiders so the little kids wouldn't have to go out and hunt them for the sauce. It all started when the Duke of of Taranto's little daughter (Nicki) was crowned Little Miss Tomato of 1537. She had the honor of catching the first spider for the village sauce festival, but the spider bit her and she cried so the Duke comissioned the local farmers to develop a new tomato so that the spiders would come in with the harvest instead of having to be caught by little kids.

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