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Late (or later) season blight?

I've had a good tomato crop, for the most part, this year. I have about 8 varieties growing in close proximity to each other but got a very nice count over the past couple of months. About 3 weeks ago I noticed some of the leaves and branches turning brown. At the same time new tomatoes were growing and the browning kept getting worse.

Here are a couple of shots I took this morning. I'm still getting fruit but am now thinking about would I should do for next year. If this is blight should I leave the bed dormant next year? I've heard two years from some people! Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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It looks like Septoria spot, but the vines may be dieing from one of the wilts. Its hard to tell from looking at dead leaves. The wilts (Fusarium, Verticilium) are soil diseases and may force you to either move the plants to new ground in the following years or grow a resistant hybrid. The foliage diseases/blights are frim wind blown spores mostly so will hit the plants no matter where they are grown. Mulching keeps them in check if the spores are on the soil. Often times you can live with low level wilt infections and replant in the same area year after year. it is when the wilts kill off the plants before you get a good harvest that you are force to move for several years.

On a better note, many of my plants look like that this time of year (and tehy did when the garden was brand new too). I clean up/trim up the plants as best I can, note which varieties were worse than others for future reference and take what fruit they give me before frost.

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