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I tried fermenting some seeds, just for experiment. I usually don't, as it seems like too much trouble. :wink: Also, I just don't feel as my seed saving techniques fro most things are up to snuff to give seeds away with confidence.

Anyway, I was concerned about fruit flies, so when I set down my plastic cups of seeds/gel/water, I gave a house spider in the kitchen corner a wink and a nod. It turned out to be a clever spider and "got" the message right away. When I checked the seeds today, the spider had spun a web all across and among the cups. 8) I didn't even have to twitch my nose or chant an incantation. :kidding:

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LOL!!! The spiders freak me out worse than the maggots!

If I can squish squashbugs, y'all can strain out a few fruitfly babies :() :() :() We're not talking swarms, Right?!
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I could handle the spider alot better, I find if I rinse the seeds daily, I don't get nasty things in there, and I am sorry, I just can't handle having maggots in them... out they go seed and all!

I did find that used milk filters work great for putting them on to dry.
They are something like a felt fabric, you use them once to strain milk, and throw them away... I figured the milk residue would be anti fungal also, so I am using them to dry seeds on.
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OH my that's a good one. I had to pick myself off the floor for that one. :lol:

Good to hear you doing what your doing though. I myself don't feel up to the seed saving this year. I tried and it didn't work out and my plants aren't doing crap so hopefully next year I can get my spiders to guard my stash. :wink:

Really, that is good stuff there Apple. :D

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Now, that seems like something to take a time-lapse of. You put the cups down, look at the spider and walk away. We then see the spider go to work and watch the whole process in fast, that's entertainment :lol:.

So, you usually don't ferment your seeds? Have you noticed any problems this way? I'm trying to determine right now just how important it really is to ferment your seeds.
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