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growing cherry tomatoes indoors

Can you tell me if I'm doing this right.

1) planted seeds
2) seedlings grew to 1 inch
3) potted seedlings into seperate pots
4) have fed them twice with tomato food
5) water them every 2-3 days
6) they are now about 10" high
7) got them indoors on the window sill(no other place for them)
8) no fruit growing yet
9) has been 7 1/2 weeks since first potting

I read somewhere that some tomatoes need to be hand pollinated, havnt a clue what this means.

am I doing anything wrong? is there anything I could be doing.

how long will it be before I start to see fruit.


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Have you seen flowers yet?

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no there has been no flowers

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Hand pollinating is when there are no bees to pollinate the flowers so you have to do it. If you don't have heirloom tomatoes (heirlooms are open pollinated) you can simply blow on the flower. If not use a small paint brush and just move it in circles inside the flower. ONLY do that with OPEN pollinate varieties. Since your indoors you are gonna want to hand pollinate. You also might want to test the soil for nitrogen and phosphorus,too much phosphorus and It will produce too many tomatoes with not many leaves too nourish the fruit. Nitrogen will promote leaf growth but not fruit. Does anyone know how your suppose to balance the two?

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Hi. I'm new to gardening, so I just want to ask a question. My Cherry Tomato plant has about five flowers, it's height is about 1.7m tall. As I'm keeping it indoors, do I have to hand-pollinate it? And how do I do it? the flowers are quite small. how do I differentiate the flowers from male to female?

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