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Leaves Turning On My Tomatoes

The leaves are turning on my tomatoes plants. Whatever it is, it is telegraphing to my late planted Rutgers. There were lots of leaves which looked like this which I pruned most of them off.

The temps here have been in the 90's with high humidity. A few pop up showers comes through from time to time.

Late planted Rutgers which has many small tomatoes to reach maturity.

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Great pictures
Your leaves have got some sunburn and from the pictures it looks like one of the wilt diseases. Wilts are a fungical disease and interfers with the roots ability to take up water. You can try fungicides and your local nursery will be able to help you choose which ones.

Also suggest you don't plant your tomatoes in the same position again but rotate them to another spot.

There are two good websites with lots of information this ABC TV Gardening Australia and sandisgardenpatch.
Cheers Keen Gardener

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It could be early blight or one of several other funguses. Treat with a fungicide like manacosib.

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