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Help with Yellow Tomato Leaves Pics

I'm new to the forum, I live in Illinois and had beautiful, healthy, fruit laden tomatoes. Now one is turning yellow - quickly. Bright yellow. Has some brown spots. We've had a ton of rain; then a dry spell; then a ton of rain again. The plants grew bigger than ever ... now yellow. Any solutions? Thanks!

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If it is affecting leaves on one side of the plant only, and possibly even leaflets on one side of a leaf, then it is probably Fusarium wilt, a soil born fungus that enters the roots and vascular system leading up from that root/roots. If it is affecting leaves on both sids of the plant it is possibly verticilium wilt.

The plant can often stay ahead of low level infections long enough to ripen fruit for much of the season. If it is bad you might want to consider growing Fusarium and Verticilium resistant hybrids in that particular spot next year, but check around to find out which strain of the disease is prevalent in your region becaus not al V and F resistant hybrids are resistant to all strains of the diseases.

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