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very Nice!!

I wonder if it has to do with the sun as well. last year I would put them on the counter and see if they'd get darker and they haven't. this year I've done the same thing and I have had some get darker! FINALLY!!! last years weather was terrible. cold and rainy all summer. this year its been sunny and hot. I wonder if that did make a difference!

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Re: chocolate cherry tomato... question

Could someone tell me where I can buy chocolate cherry tomato plants in St Louis? I bought some black cherry tomato plants at Lowes today, but the picture looks different. Last year, after being a ssweet 100 maniac for several years, I found some chocolate cherries somewhere, and they are the best tasting tomatoes I've ever had, if someone can help me, I really appreciate it

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Re: chocolate cherry tomato... question

send me a pm with address and I will get some out to you Davo.

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Re: chocolate cherry tomato... question

RE: Black tomatoes, I' read the the pigment is photosensitive and that the longer you leave them on the vine the darker they get.

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