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Maters maters maters

The experiment of growing tomatoes in some boxes I built alongside a small pier is working out OK. Here is a shot from the water:


After I picked a couple of baskets my two year grandson helped me "organize" them, hopefully without squeezing too hard:


And here is a shot of a sunset that the tomatoes see each day:

Nutin as good as a kitchen sink mater sammich

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I LIKE that imagery! Tomatoes watching the sunset every day, each striving to turn as red as the sun! :D

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Them maters look so good, might be a big bass treats one of them as a topwater!
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Man, I won't tomatoes to organize until the end of July. I have a few coming in from my Earthboxes but the "in garden" tomato plants are weeks away from paying any dividends. You appear to have a great setup. Thanks for the pictures.
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Nice harvest!


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Hopefully no curious boaters come by and treat themselves to a pic-your-own tomato session :lol:.

Looking good, though.
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