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BER Question

Hi All!

I have a quick question regarding blossom end rot (BER).

I have some early girls coming in but thus far they all have BER. The more recent ones are getting better but all have had it to some degree.

My question is, is the tomato a total loss? Can the end simply be trimmed off and the rest of the tomato be used as normal? All the really bad ones I toss, but I have some coming off that seem to be more minor cases and I don't want to toss them if I don't have to.

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There is nothing toxic in the rest of the fruit, but they tend to ripen before they should and be of lower quality (I think I tried to save seeds from one of these and had bad luck). If the spot is large it probably goes well into the fruit and I would toss it, but the ones with a little spot may be edible.

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