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TZ -OH6 wrote:No, overwatering would not do that.

Glad to see we do agree on some things! :)


It very evident that many of the organic gardeners frequenting this forum hate carbaryl with a passion and like to take any and all opportunities, real or imagined to bash it, traditional pesticides and fertilizers, and anyone that uses them, but in this case I just don't see a reasonable link between everyday traditional garden practices and the problem seen in the picture.

If you are talking about me, I do keep working on educating people about what it is they are spraying on their yards. I don't think most people are aware of the hazards and environmental effects. They use this stuff just because it is accepted practice, without thinking it through. I think people should have the information to make informed choices, just as doctors are required to give patients information to all "informed consent." I don't believe I have ever "bashed" or in any way demeaned, derided, disparaged, or any other of all those d words, anyone for using Sevin or for any choices they make. I'm very clear that my role here is as educator, not judge!

I have said many times, we all have to sort all this out for ourselves and figure out what makes sense in our own circumstances and none of us are perfectly "green." I have said that I still occasionally use Roundup on my property for the poison ivy and I use Miracle Grow potting soil for starting seeds. So I know I am not a "perfectly organic" gardener. It's the compromise that works for me so far. We all have to find that. It just helps to have information on which to base those choices.

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I have the same problem

I've been researching the very same problem with my tomato branches, and found your pictures. Mine look EXACTLY the same! Just the top few branches. The bottom looks fine and the fruit that set looks great. The gnarling and thickening at the leaf vein is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. I live in Northern California, where it has been quite wet until the last 3 weeks. About the time the rain stopped for good, I noticed curling and gnarling on newer top branches. Watering schedule is twice a day for 7 minutes each time. It gets 95-110 in this arid area, so watering is essential. I've not used any pesticides, nor do I have a service that does. The only thing I used was (over a month ago) for aphids and white flies...a diluted natural oil spray made for those pests. But I used it on the whole plant, not just the tops, and all the bottom parts were not affected... only the newer growth. I've been gardening tomatos for many years, alternating planters every year. If you find out what it is, maybe through this forum or at a nursery let me know. It's baffling to me. :?

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