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Pot tomatoes

I just bought a husky gold tomato plant that I have potted. When I bought it it had small green tomatoes already fruiting. I am new at this...it looks as if the bottom half of the plant is dying (all dried up and brown). The top looks fine and healthy. Anyone know what's going on?

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Two questions:

What is your watering regime like?


Have you been splashing soil onto the lower leaves of the plant when watering? You may have a fungal infection.

And now that I have thought about the problem for a few minutes you may have also burned your plant if you are using synthetic fertilizer.

If you are using synthetics, switch to an organic fertilizer of liquid fish or liquid seaweed fertilizer.

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For the plant to get brown on the bottom is common and not too worry. Mine do that every year. I think it is a natural process all the energy goes to the fruit and some of the leaves go brown.

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I have only been using organic fertilizer, and not any amount beyond what was directed. I water every few days fairly heavily. One of my friends says he has best results when watering this way. I hope it is just normal for it to be browning like this. Thanks a ton for your help! Let me know if you have any other advice--it is well appreciated

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hi I have the same problems with my tomatos too. but they are bearing lots of fruit that is getting bigger daily. I water daily, but do seem to have this problem every year, but usually with good results. mind you I am a novice gardener as although I been growing tomatos and courgettes for a few years now this is the first year I have branched out and started growing a wider selection of fruit and veg.

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I have the same thing going on. My lowest leaves turn yellow and I cut them off before they turn brown. Here's a link to the string on another forum to keep ya busy!:https://www.backyardgardener.com/forums/forum52/1536.html

jstr :D

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