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drying leaves.

I have a small veg. garden in my back yard. I've planted 2 tomato plants. A Bonnie Roma and a Bonnie Original. Starting from the bottom of the plant, the leaves are turning yellow around the edge then are drying to a crisp brown and then wilting. I usually water with Miracle Grow Bloom Plus in the morning twice a week. I am very uneasy about treating with pesticides and such. My location is So. Indiana. Hot and Humid! 90 deg. 90% humidity.

I am getting fruit, especially from the Roma, soon to be more than I can handle. The plants are both over 4 ft. tall and have a healthy bluish green color to the leaves at the top 2/3 of the plant. I have not seen any ants, or enough to raise concern. I can't see any black specks on the back of the leaves. What can I do?

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I think that the bottom leaves are the oldest and just naturally get old and die off. That's nothing to be alarmed about...but I'm not an expert like some of these folks, I tend to over simplify.

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Great advice from Bunge. You might also want to slow down with the Miracle Gro. Twice a week is quite alot if they're in pots. If they are in the soil, that seems like too much. Try topdressing with compost and spray the foilage with compost tea.


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yeah, I know on my tomatoes the bottom leaves did the same thing so I just pinched them off, no big.

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Also, have a look and see what kind of fertiliser it is. I don't know about miracle grow but make sure it is high in potassium. Nip off the old leaves, and make sure the fertiliser doesn't splash up hitting the leaves, that probably doesn't do them much good either from what I have heard..


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