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Which Tomatoes Will Grow Well in the UK?


Probably missed the boat for this year, but are there any particular tomato varieties that would grow well in the UK, more specifically SE? I grew some a number of years ago and they came out quite well, but I haven't a clue what variety they were. So it would be nice to know if there any types that are particularly well suited to the British climate.


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The UK has a pretty good history of growing tomatoes, so just about anything should grow well there as long as you are mindful of how long the growing season is in your area. At this point it is probably too late to start from seed so you would have to go with whatever is available locally as seedlings. If you find some differnt varieties we could give you recommendations.

If you were say further north next to the sea and had to deal with cold and clouds you would want to look into Canadian and Siberian varieties.

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