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I think my tomato plants got too much rain

I put out my tomato plants 2 weeks ago and of course a couple of days later we got a whole week of rain. I am afraid they got waterlogged and they are not looking too good. should I take them out of the ground and put them in a pot to dry out? we are expecting some more rain tonight but nothing for the next week. I am new at gardening and think I put my plants out too early. I live in Missouri. Thanks for all the input :D

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No, digging them up and transplanting them (and then probably putting them back) would set them back a lot more.

The sun will come out! :)

Just keep an eye out, it water is starting to stay around the tomatoes in puddles, that's bad. In that case you might want to fluff your soil up some more and add some more organic material, so that it drains better. If it's really a problem, dig some drainage channels to lead excess water away from the tomatoes.

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Use sand and perilite

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