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pinching flower buds?

at long last, I transplanted my tomatoes to the ground sunday. My seedlings were positively huge(18"+). I buried them very deep(about 12" of the stem, even trench planted couple of seedling to see how that works), but I have noticed some of them had the beginning of little flower bunches.

Should I pinch them to save energy or leave them alone? The plants are yellow pear(indeterminate).

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I wouldn't for several reasons. The plants are large enough to support the start of fruits even though they are newly transplanted. Flowers and early fruit development does not take that much energy from a plant, and lastly cherry tomatoes are not that big to put a strain on the plant. I would not want to transplant a smallish plant full of marble sized beefsteak fruits, or a really small seedling with lots of flowers, but it is pretty normal to put in a 10"-12" plant with a flower or two showing with no problem.

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