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Tomato cages

I bought 6 tomato cages last year when they were really cheap. I have 6 Heirloom tomato plants that I don't know the varieties since they were not marked. (Gurney's Heirloom mix) I also have 3 roma tomatoes and 3 Early girl tomatoes. I also have 6 hot pepper plants and 12 bell pepper plants.

I tried looking on youtube for caging information, but one said that cages won't hold the tomatoes!! Can I still use them for any of the smaller plants? I really wasn't planning on having this many plants out in my garden lol! I even have some Celebrity tomatoes still growing in my garage as well as some more hot peppers, bell peppers and eggplants!!

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Are they the little 3 foot or so cone shaped ones. If so they will not hold MY tomatoes that is for sure same with most people.

They are good for smaller things like your peppers though.

You didn't plan on that many in the garden huh? :lol: We never do, at least not me. I just keep filling it up till it's overflowing. :D

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