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Hardy tomato plant for an 8 year old to grow in a pot?

My niece is crazy about tomatoes and I got her interested in growing one, and taking care of one (with mothers help of course).

My question is this: What variety will do well in a 5 gallon bucket, that is easily cared for?

I want to start it from a seed, so she can witness the whole cycle.


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I’d go with a local cherry tomato variety.
I >>used to<< grow vegetables in containers on my balcony and this >>was<< my Blog:

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Yes, either a cherry variety or a dwarf variety. Cherrys will be stunted a bit but that does not hurt fruit production too much (and you can find seed in the stores). There are also some small determinant varieties that are good for containers. I would stay away from plum varieties like Roma because of problems with blossom end rot are worse in containers.

There are some varieties bred for container growing (I think Patio is one).

Look through some of the tomato seed sites to see what is available.

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I you want a full size tomato, better boys have grown especially well for me in the past in buckets and are very disease resistant. For a cherry type sweet 100's are pretty tasty and also disease resistant.
Good luck!

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