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tomatoe seedlings, what to transplant into?

I have 50 tomatoe seedlings in 1 " peat pots in a south facing picture widow they seem to be doing well have gotten there second leaves but need transplanted...? is to what now I need 50 pots, can I use plastic dixie cups?

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Yes, the 12?-16?oz plastic "beer" cups make excellent pots. Using a soldering iron, I melt three or four slits/holes in the bottom edge for drainage.

Put the little plant down in the mix to the seed leaves. If you are using peat "pots" tear open the pot a bit to let roots out, if using the expandable pellets you can just plop them in, although there is some evidence that removing the netting is beneficial.

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I just get the small styrofoam cups, and poke holes in the bottoms of them.
I save all coffee cups that my husband accumulates from drinking coffee enroute to and from work.
I find they are easy to soak once a week to keep the soil in good condition.

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