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My seedlings vs the ones at the nursery.....

I went to the only nursery around here already open yesterday....
Normally I'd be on a plant high BUT my tomato seedlings (well plants now) are like 5 times the size of the ones at the nursery!! There's are tiny and just getting their first true leaves, mine are 7-8 inches tall, and already have several branches (they smell awesome too!). I'm worried I planted them WAY too early!
I'll post a pic in awhile but at this size will they make it in their 8 oz cups another 2-3 weeks???

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I completely understand where you coming from! I stopped by the nursery on the way home yesterday to get some Tomato Tone fertilizer, and needless to say, wondered into huge cold frame where they have all the veggies. So nice to see your own seedlings of size, vigor and color that surpassed the store ones!

Happy growing!


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I know I planted mine way too early, the BIG ones at the nursery's, stores that go for 10$ are smaller than mine. I should be selling these things, maybe next year.

But I have been planting them and all is well so far. I will post a pictorial update this weekend. my garden is coming alive and I'm loving it. So don't be so scared, plant what you have and get a few smaller ones for good measure if that is what you are worried about.

Do you not have anything bigger to repot the ones you have? I have most of mine now in gallon pots and they are too small (the pots that is).

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