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Upturned leaves and swollen stem?

I currently have seven heirloom varieties growing, but one of them is giving me a hard time. My marglobe has upturned leaves (not purple or purple veined) and these swollen stems at the joint. It doesn't seem to be growing as fast as the others, like my Black Prince and Cherokee Purple...all of my tomatoes are on the same feeding/water regime. The leaves, while being upturned, are otherwise in good shape (no holes, spots, rot)

Here is a photo to show what I'm trying to describe. I couldn't find anything online about it, maybe I wasn't using the right terms to search.


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I wish I could shine some light on the stem - but never really seen or noticed that before...

As for the growth of the plant - I grew it last year, compact determinate growth habit in my garden, didn't like the heat much...


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Maybe bacterial pith necrosis, or bacterial canker? Those were the only ones I could find that cause swollen nodes.

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Leaf roll is often seen after very wet weather, and some have said high nitrogen also causes it. It is not a problem, just looks funny.

The picture shows a stem that is missing its apical meristem (growth tip), which could explain it not appearing to grow as well as the others.
An indeterminant plant would eventually put out suckers from the leaf axils. I'm not sure what determinants do other than not flower/fruit when you pinch off the tops. I suspect that it will put out suckers this early in the season.

The expanded base of the leaves could signify maturation and preparation to send up lateral shoots/suckers, but I don't know this for certain.

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