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Perfect Tomato Soil??

So as I've been researching about how to plant my container tomatoes I've stumbled across a problem and I don't know how to solve it. What should I mix together in my tomato container (which is large enough) to have the perfect soil? Here are the options:

Baccto Potting Soil
Canadian Spagnum Peat Moss (ProMix)
Daddy Pete's Kickin Chicken Compost
Daddy Pete's Cattle Manure Compost
Horticultural Perlite
Horticultural Vermiculite
Black Kow
Mushroom Compost (Black Kow Brand)
Faffard 3B
Tomato Fertilizer
Compost Tea

Thanks for any help on this one - Forgot to mention I'm going to be in a greenhouse for most of the growing season.

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I use Mel's Mix for all my planting.

Equal parts (1/3 each) of compost, peat moss, vermiculite.

For me the individual brands or types are unimportant. Most of my compost I make myself from yard trimings, grass cutting and worm farm.

Pearlite and vermiculite serve the same purpose, whichever is cheaper.

Peat Moss allows for better water retention in the mix.

Good drainage with this mix while retaining moisture.

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