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It did seem to take a much longer time. I thought I was just imagining it but my other seedlings germinated in a few days and these seemed to take some weeks. I was quite upset :evil: when I saw the hail damage.

I don't know which plant it was because i just planted them together. I hope that I can keep it alive and taste those beautiful tomatoes.
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Those are all so beautiful, and I bet delicious too. Sad I missed this offer, but also don't think I have 10 posts yet. Still a newbie

Hopefully there will be more giveaways like this! :D - Environmentally & Socially Responsible, Fair Trade & Handmade, Global & Local

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I didn't notice any issues in germinating them, I had them in with many other seedlings, in their own container, but in the same tray, and everyone just popped up in the usual 3-4 days.

They grew well, and looked strong and good. Then I decided to separate them, since they were a bit crowded up. From there on, it was down hill at an amazing speed.

Two of them still have green leaves, but are laying out flat. I can't figure why they are still green when they look dead!

I have 202 seedlings, because I had in mind offering heirloom seedlings for sale at the Farmer's Markets when they start in May.

And that is why I took an inventory of what has survived so far. I want to keep 2-3 of each kind, and sell the extras.

Can you believe, I bought tomato seedlings today? I did, I found Arkansas Travellers and bought a 4 pack of them. After I bought them, I found they are hybrids, figures. Oh well, I will still save seeds and maybe on the grow out of them, I will find my old favorite heirloom Arkansas Traveller!

It is raining off and on today, so much for the partly cloudy forecast, so seems that starting seeds will be a good gardening activity that is a bit drier!
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It's beautiful here today, but I was sick as a dog all weekend and still not feeling the best. I managed to drag my mountain of seedlings outside for a big drink and some sun (3 days of dark clouds and rain left them looking TERRIBLE) and now I'm laying here doing nothing :(

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I have 3 variety s growing the fourth the one I wanted the most (Berkley Tie dye) didn't germinate. I will post again when they are bigger they are growing slowly but one of them is just getting it's first true leaves.

Gotta run going to Cardinals baseball game or I would post pics but I really want them to grow more first anyway's 8)

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You guys are amking me REALLY nervous about my berkleys, half of them have come up now.
I'm terrified they're gonna die cuz everyone else's are!!!
Does anyone have any doing well???????

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No need to be nervous!

I believe that some seedlings are more susceptible damping off, but I've yet to loose a singe seedling of any Brad's varieties. Growing Brad's Black Heart, Berkley Tie-Dye Heart, Black and Brown Boar, Pink Berkley Tie-Dye and Beauty king (those were seeded in mid Feb) and just germinated AAA Sweet Solano from this offer.

Good luck to all!


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Looks Yummy

I have never seen tomato's like these before! My tomato's are doing great down here in New Orleans and I look forward to trying those!

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Well, I thought I was out of luck, as none of the rare tomato seeds I'd planted had germinated. I left the cells as they were though as the seed tray had quite a bit of stuff planted in the other sections. So, was I surprised this morning to go up and find that several have germinated- though I couldn't tell you which because I used a pen that wasn't waterproof on my labels....I love how gardening teaches you to learn from your mistakes!

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Black brown boar, Pink berkley tie dye, AAA Sweet solano (Berkley tie dye wasn't present):

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Wow! Looking good!

Thanks for the encouragement. Okay, where did I put the rest of those seeds? :lol:
Talk to your plants.... If your plants talk to you... Run!

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bird free tomatoes

I have found the best way to keep birds from pecking at tomatoes: pantyhose! I cut the hose into cuff like sections and just slip one around each tomato. Knee-hi's work good too. This seems to confuse the birds because they don't see the bright red tomatoe, and the tomatoes can remain on the vine and ripen!

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Those do look great. I've never seem them like that before. Are they sweet? Thanks for the post.


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I harvested my first Berkeley Tie Die Pink this week it weighed in at 13.0 ounces. It was catfaced and pretty lumpy. We had some cooler nights earlier in the season- probably the reason. I've got some better looking ones still on the vine.

I made 2 bacon and tomato sandwiches (I didn't want to muddy the waters with lettuce!) and had some left over to eat plain. AWESOME tomato! It has a nice sweet taste to it that contrasted nicely with the salty bacon. It's a keeper! Love it.

I'm definitely going to grow some more Wild Boar Farms tomatoes next year. If BTDP is any indication of the direction Brad Gates is going I want to jump on his train!
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To me, it looked like most of them damped off, but not all of them did. They were in separate containers. Some had even graduated to the other mobile.
Here is a tonic I used on my seedlings this year, I used it on all of my seedlings, and not one damped off. Even basil seedlings, which I have found to be the worst.

4 tsp of Chamomile tea leaves
1 tsp of soap (I used plain dawn)
1 quart of boiling water

Pour the water over the tea and stir in the soap. Let it steep overnight.
Strain it through a coffee filter into a mist sprayer.

I start spraying as soon as the seedlings emerge from the starter mix. I spray them daily until transplant. I also water from the bottom.

I wanna get in on this! Are ya'll gonna do it again this year?
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Free Seeds

I this offer still open? I'd be happy to send an SASE. I will let you pick the varieties. I'd like the ones that would do best in the desert southwet.
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Webmaster posted that he's going to offer a give-away again this year for members with at least 10 posts (for which you qualify :wink:).
He'll be posting about it soon, I think.
I'm going to lock this thread so it won't get confusing. :idea:

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