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Bright green bumps on leaves

Hi there,

This is my first message on the board and I'm hoping somebody can help me identify the problem I'm facing. I've been searching online but I haven't been able to find anything that looks similar.

My seedlings are two and a half weeks old and most of them are showing bright green bumps on some of the leaves which are also curling. This is happening with several different varieties. The bumps are part of the leaf tissue. I have looked for mites under the leaves but haven't been able to find anything.


Here you can see the bumps starting to develop on the edges:



Thanks in advance.

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To me, that looks like a viral problem. Maybe the beginning of one of the several mosaic viruses that attack tomatoes. Here is one image of early PepMV (Pepino mosaic virus) that somewhat resembles your pics:


The site this image is from is written in German, but this link will take you to a page in English:

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