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Which tomatoes to not grow!

I ordered seed to grow the following tomatoes in my garden this year along with my standard Better Boys and Juliet's.

Prudens Purple, Kelloggs Breakfast, Mortgage Lifter, Climbing Triple Crop, Brandywine, Cuostralee, and Stupice.

I also will plant some Roma and Goliath tomatoes.

I probably will not have room to plant all seven of the heirloom varieties I ordered.

Which two have you tried with less than great results? Did they simply not produce well, not taste good, or succumb to disease?


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Sorry but I have not heard of some of these varieties you have named here.
But I can tell you that we have had success with a number of them, Better
boys, Juliets , Brandywine , Roma , Goliath , all produced well and tasted

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Stupice is another I see on a lot of lists and always good results... I love Brandywine's flavor, but it tend to produce a few larger tomatoes rather than a big crop... I have not grown it but suspect Mortgage Lifter to act in a similar manner...

Duh Vinci should be along any second and has vast experience in the heirloom tomato game; far more than I...


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