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My OWN canned tomatoes went into a pasta sauce for lunch!

Mmm. There is something WONDERFULLY satisfying about reaching into the special "my own canned stuff" cupboard for those "can't get any redder" tomatoes that I grew from seed and harvested and canned myself, noting that it's labeled AUG. 2009.

Looking forward to starting it all over again this year! :flower:

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Tell me about it! Multiple weekly trips to the freezer downstairs for frozen veggies, and pantry for the canned goods - very satisfying! Knowing that I grew that from seeds (as you say) - just puts a smile on my face!

Crack that jar opened and smell the goodness! Then taste it... Apple, I know what you are feeling so well!


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All winter long we enjoy the "fruits" of my previous summer's work. I put up over 300 jars of whole tomatoes, chili, relish, paste, and especially salsa each summer. It's during our long Vermont winter months of January and February that these goodies sustain both the body and spirit and provide hope for the seaon to come.
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We canned soo many tomatoes, and have been using them in many dishes. I love reaching into the pantry and using stuff that I grew. A lot of hard work starting the plants from seeds, caring form them, and canning the fruits of your labor, but it is soo worth it. The thing I like about tomato sauce, is you know what you put into it, there isn't preservatives, additives, or colorings, natural flavors (which are far from natural), MSG or anything artificial. It's WONDERFUL!
Why buy produce when you can grow it?

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I was just in the store the other day nearly crying because we ran out of my homemade salsa and I had to buy from the store. There is nothing like the taste of fruit and veggies out of the garden. If hubby wasn't eating a jar of salsa a day I might still have some left. alas we are out of pickles, peppers, salsa, and tomatoes. The new season can't come fast enough!
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How wonderful to be so appreciated! :D I anticipate a conversation like this in the near future: "Honey, we need a bigger garden AND a bigger pantry..." :lol:
Good luck and enjoy the new season to come. :wink:

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Oh, we are down to our last two batches of tomato sauce and three containers of pesto...I'm so sad!:-( I know that this summer I will be spending much more time making sauce...because it's like having a little bite of summer sunshine during the cold winter days!

Enjoy the fruits of your labor (bad pun intended!) ;-)

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